Pamela Spice

First Impressions

Pamela Spice is one of the finest looking Latina teens working on the web and she shares quite a bit of herself on the free tour, hoping to hook you into a membership by turning you on so much that you can`t resist. I would suggest you watch the video preview if you want to get turned on by this beauty. Watching her kiss a chick and then lick that same chick`s pussy was mind blowing in part because it was so unexpected and in part because it was simply super fucking hot. Pamela also has the ideal teen body so it should be a blast browsing her site.

Hot Promises

She pushes the videos first, promising you 720x480 resolution clips and an iPod ready format if you like your porn on the go. Then she provides previews of her most recent updates and from those it`s pretty clear that she does tons of naughty stuff. The most important thing you`ll learn is that Pamela is a serious bisexual. She hooks up with chicks at every turn, kissing and licking pussy and tits. She also fucks her pussy with dildos and her fingers. It appears as though she`s totally comfortable showing everything to the camera.


Things start out with a bang in the member`s area, with two pictures of Pamela and one of her lesbian friends getting naughty. One of those pictures features the girls in a sixty nine, so feel free to get turned on as soon as you glimpse it. The main page also details the latest updates and Pamela is adding new content 2-3 times a week. She appears to be alternating between picture galleries and videos, keeping her members flush with both. It`s an encouraging sign, as is the wealth of content sections to visit.

The photo galleries were first on my menu. There are 29 of them so far, but keep in mind that the site was launched a month and a half ago (as of January 22, 2008). She`s already built an impressive collection of content and if she continues to update at her current rate the site will be enormous in no time. As it stands right now there`s an awful lot to see. The average photo gallery has 100-250 images in high resolution and there`s a nice mix of solo and lesbian sets. Pamela has braces and is very youthful looking, but at the same time she seems incredibly mature thanks to her strong sexuality and her freedom with her lesbian desires.

The pictures are high resolution and it`s really up to you to choose your favorite style. There are a couple galleries where Pamela poses in a bikini and they`re among my favorites. She has a fantastic, tight, youthful body and it`s a pleasure to behold whether she`s dressed in a bikini or naked. When she takes a dip in the water and her body gets all wet and shiny it`s even sexier. Pamela also has a nice collection of sexy outfits, which once again clashes with her youthful looks and braces. On a normal teen babe site she`d be dressing in nothing but brightly colored t-shirts and denim shorts. Instead she likes to sex it up a little, wearing sexy dresses and low cut tops whenever possible.

My favorite photo gallery is shot in the backseat of a roomy car and it features Pamela in a white turtle neck dress, black stockings and black leather boots. First the clash in colors is brilliant and second the dress is skin tight and her body is exceptionally sexy. She takes off her pantyhose and shows us her black panties before taking them off and fingering her pussy. This girl is amazing and I can`t help but get turned on when watching her disrobe and do all kinds of naughty things to herself.

The picture galleries are great, but they are no comparison to the video clips (of which there are 36). Rarely have I seen video content this hot and it will keep me around for a long time. I`m just waiting to see what Pamela has coming out next because everything she`s done so far has been so ridiculously sexy. The latest video is called Outdoor Butt Fucking and it features Pamela stuffing her asshole with a dildo while in a sunny park. The video is filmed from a zoomed in position and she looks pretty marvelous, especially since the sun is shining so brightly and there`s a notion that she might get caught.

There are plenty of other solo videos and most involve Pamela fucking her pussy or asshole at one point or another. She also does some pretty sexy stripteases. The best video content she has to offer is the lesbian sex scenes. They are mind blowing in ways that even the finest porn companies haven`t been able to manage. I think it`s because Pamela and her friends are actually bi-sexual or lesbians. They`re not faking it, so when they kiss you can feel the passion and it translates into a big boner for anyone that loves girl-girl action. In addition to kissing they eat pussy and fuck each other with dildos and strap-ons.

The content doesn`t end with the pictures and videos (although that`s pretty much the only reason to join). There are 10 wallpapers for you to choose from, and each comes in three resolutions. Half feature Pamela nude and the other half clothed so you can choose your preferred level of dirtiness. Pamela keeps a diary that`s updated every 1-2 weeks and there`s some pretty interesting stuff in there. In particular I enjoyed the recounting of her first time with a woman. She also posts pictures in her diary. The diary page offers a profile of the lovely young model and a short paragraph about her sexual desires. Finally there are 22 bonus content sets from other Latina babes.

Croco`s Opinion

I`m pretty psyched about Pamela Spice and her hot site. Her solo content is fabulous with hot dildo play and sexy stripteases. Her lesbian content is ridiculously sexy, it`s actually some of the finest girl-girl action I`ve ever seen. The lesbian content is reason enough to become a member. Everything else is like a bonus that makes the site even sweeter. Pamela updates twice a week at a minimum and she generally alternates between picture galleries and videos. If you like Latina babes, teen chicks or lesbian content this is a great option. If you like all three then you absolutely must join


The site is really well designed and easy to use. All the content sets are laid out perfectly, downloading is easy and browsing to any of the sections is just a click away.

Pricing Policy

It`s $29.95 for 30 days and $59.95 for 90 days.